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update to my recent update….i can now blog again, remotely! i just remembered my WP login Password! haha!


…yes i am. at least for now? only because i was able to get into my website on the laptop which happens to have my saved password on my WordPress dashboard, yay! unfortunately i can’t log in to other gadgets, even with the humongous iPhone 6+ because…yeah, i don’t remember my password. duh!

so..what is happening in my life recently? errr…for the past 3 years or so i think? well, other than the fact that owning a house for almost 3 years now has kept me all wrapped up in a whole lot of DIY projects, wrestling with the lawn mower, leaf blower, hedge trimmer and such… testing my green thumb in the yard, even created an al fresco dining level [uhmmm, slightly inclining level?], painting and repainting the kitchen walls and cabinets, a gazillion drilling here and there and so much back breaking brouhahas…we are mostly filling out forms and more forms for the only daughter, unica hija aka #mymidime …as we prepare for university life. oh wow! in about 6 months, she will possibly be living in a dorm, meeting new people, fending for herself…partying? noooo! but yeah, that is what’s occupying most of our days now…and something spectacular that i just can’t divulge yet.  maybe i will be back here to b-log about it…soon! and i can’t wait, that is all.


just a photo post for now


- ces.Anciano

Location:Forbes Hill, MA 

Welcome to my Black and White themed Living Room!

…I have googled, pinterested, houzzed, youtubed how to update a blah brick fireplace like mine used to be and my lazy butt says just paint it! So I did! in black!:) no cleaning up with vinegar-water solution like some did. i simply taped around the edges and paint and roller brushed away i went! it is a porous material but this one did not need a double coat either! so it was a pretty quick makeover.

…what was so tedious and sort of melodramatic was the stencil on top of it!

details…to follow! :)

hi all! not even sure if someone’s even out there still reading this website hah! anyhoo, i am back. at least for now. but i hope to update more since i have re-installed blogpress. hopefully it will be easier to put something on here.
…and as an initial post, i just want to start off by saying i will be posting my DIY adventures since we moved in to our new house! and I thank God for this wonderful blessing. and so here’s a glimpse of our digs!:)

i know, it’s pink. hah! one of my toDIY hopefully soon! :) apologies for the winter shot instead of a more now. this was the time we got the house, about 5 months ago.

- ces.Anciano

Location:Forbes Hill

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started spring cleaning/organizing my closet. can you tell there’s some sort of pattern in my wardrobe? these are just the silk/chiffon-ish tops i started off fixing first! nope not really stoked for black-white-red! me??? noooo…


…once again, it’s that time of year when the breeze is crisp and we start to see a cornucopia of colors from the beautiful blooms that spring brings. what abounds from this as well let’s not forget, is spring cleaning.  i am so good this year, i had a head start. to date, i have already revamped a few thrift find furnitures that i have been intending to repaint for almost a year now.  winter did not really make its appearance too much that even in February, we had spring-like weather.  i think it even went up to the 70′s a few days and that was when i took advantage…took out my brushes and went on a trip to the nearest hardware store to grab a few palettes.  i ended up with white though, still trying to get that courage to go into brighter and braver shades.

this in fact will be my next task. other than trying my hands on potting spices and probably a few veggies, i am totally dying to get a couple of Adirondack chairs!!! those outdoor seats are simply awesome, pretty comfortable and pretty lovely! i know there is an array of choices when it comes to the finishes, like one can go with the recycled plastic ones or wooden finish, now i prefer the latter.   an option between teak and cedar, i would probably go for teak as i think i was raised to believe that this is more of an outdoor kind of wood.

if i had the bigger space in my backyard, i would love  picnic tables and chairs set too. one for the grown ups and one for the kids when we have friends coming over for an afternoon of barbeque…uhmm and sangria! :) i also have this inkling to get a pair of those reclining chairs that i will put out front and oh oh… those park benches sound so appealing too! probably i can squeeze that in for this season and dream on the table and chairs set until next year? hmmm…we’ll see. but for sure, i will be getting them au naturel, and get my hands all dirty painting them in shades that scream warm weather is here!!! so excited!!!


and we’ve reached the 60 degree mark today and more tomorrow! spring is def in the air, i hope! not going to jinx it!:)

i have 4 pieces to tackle today and this TV table is the first since it’s the biggest among all 4. all windows open including front door, vents, mask and gloves on…i’m so ready bybeh! let’s do this!!!

by | ces.Anciano

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a plain corner, a boring wall…can be transformed into one fab
focal point with this simple and inexpensive wall art such as the picture above.  probably the very first DIY project i tackled when we first moved in to this house, this corner wall was doomed to be some wasted space considering the layout of my living room and the location of windows and doors.  so i decided to put the biggest artwork on it. gladly, it turned out to be one house-proud conversation piece to each and every guest/s we had.  why, i only turned a couple of round black felt placemats that i found at Marshalls for less than $2 each into this accent wall art with some flower power action together with black sticker decals.  easy. affordable. and i love it!!!how_to:
follow your heart’s desire in arranging the stems and
then the flowers. i used reusable and no mess poster putty to stick ‘em felt flowers. it’ll be an easy, no mess way to take them down too if the need calls for it! even those stickers are reusable!…about this arrangement.i know bigger blooms are better placed at the bottom of any flower arrangement (yeah i learned something from that class i took many many moons ago:) but i wanted those placemats to get its  proper presence ‘felt’, get it? hehe!i apologize for the somewhat crappy photo, it’s a phone pic transferred to the hard drive. no idea why the resolution went down to 150 x 150…
anyway, i hope you found this DIY ‘placemart’ interesting! :)

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