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just a photo post for now


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Location:Forbes Hill, MA 

and we’ve reached the 60 degree mark today and more tomorrow! spring is def in the air, i hope! not going to jinx it!:)

i have 4 pieces to tackle today and this TV table is the first since it’s the biggest among all 4. all windows open including front door, vents, mask and gloves on…i’m so ready bybeh! let’s do this!!!

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Location:Brook St,Quincy,United States

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a plain corner, a boring wall…can be transformed into one fab
focal point with this simple and inexpensive wall art such as the picture above.  probably the very first DIY project i tackled when we first moved in to this house, this corner wall was doomed to be some wasted space considering the layout of my living room and the location of windows and doors.  so i decided to put the biggest artwork on it. gladly, it turned out to be one house-proud conversation piece to each and every guest/s we had.  why, i only turned a couple of round black felt placemats that i found at Marshalls for less than $2 each into this accent wall art with some flower power action together with black sticker decals.  easy. affordable. and i love it!!!how_to:
follow your heart’s desire in arranging the stems and
then the flowers. i used reusable and no mess poster putty to stick ‘em felt flowers. it’ll be an easy, no mess way to take them down too if the need calls for it! even those stickers are reusable!…about this arrangement.i know bigger blooms are better placed at the bottom of any flower arrangement (yeah i learned something from that class i took many many moons ago:) but i wanted those placemats to get its  proper presence ‘felt’, get it? hehe!i apologize for the somewhat crappy photo, it’s a phone pic transferred to the hard drive. no idea why the resolution went down to 150 x 150…
anyway, i hope you found this DIY ‘placemart’ interesting! :)

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browsing through Pinterest a while back and landing on my i live board…made we wish it weren’t as grey and cold out today. then i can do some repainting! well, paint spraying to be exact. i just can’t wait to turn this fabulous dining set find even more fab by painting it white! or at least part of it. still debating if i should paint the table only or the whole set. uhhmmm we’ll see…

i have recently spray painted a pair of folding side tables in the color of the year, tangerine tango. huh huh? and love it!    the throw cushion above is a perfect match to the shade i used.  and yes, i have decided to go with aqua blue and tangerine this season, or at least until i get tired of it again. you think i will be done once i finish the dining set? nah… there’s the sideboard, the mirror, my office table and another thrift store fab vintage wooden swivel office chair which is another huge decision if i should use the safer and white or a more edgy take on a classic piece with aqua or tangerine?  good luck to me right? oh can’t spring come any sooner? when i can open windows and get on to it!

can’t wait, just can’t wait.

oh by the way, if you haven’t heard already…this set cost me twenty…yes you read it right twenty friggn’ awesome dollars…ONLY!!! clean, vintage, Jacobean style solid wood 6-seat set in perfectly upholstered clean, velvet striped blue, white, sort of tan/yellow-ish fabric padded chairs!!! need i point out that this find is simply uhhhmazing???

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that day at the thrift store was meant for hunting cheap and authentic retro stuffs for my o-going¬†kitchen project. It was even unplanned if not for a commissioned supposedly tire trouble task. the car repair shop being located right across the Goodwill store where cheapskates like me get all hyped when it comes to scavenging for good household seconds, I decided to take that turn and try my luck on whatever I can find. whilst inside, I was actually liking what I was seeing all around me on that particular morning and as I held on to a couple [yes 2 of them on each hand] of vintage film camera toys, my eyes can’t keep still on one item in that glass shelf. sure enough as I did a quarter turn to my right, my gaze went vertical… lo and behold! a guitar! not the toy guitar from Walmart that I was so ready to settle with to get for my very-eager-to-learn-to-play little man, but a real, smaller than regular sized one… with a brand! you should see me grabbing it…all adrenalin pumped up with a this-is-mine!!!-mine!!-mine!!! look as I lovingly clutched it to my chest! all I can think of is the never ending I-love-you and tightest hugs as I hand it to my precious C and decided to get a cart and continue with my journey…hunting!

the end. :)


a serenade…with that infamous [well, not really] guitar i found for cheap for and by my little man C.

breakfast in bed.
my new laptop on my bedside table.

FB check..and a blog post from a dear NFF…New Found Friend.

..these may just be a few reasons why i am back to the blogosphere, not just with daily photo posts as i have been left with doing for months now..but with WORDS… more than words, even.

i thought to myself…wouldn’t it be nice to share my mini adventure yesterday? of course! and whadayaknow! Bernadette 4 hours earlier, did just that! whew! great save there, NFF! okay nuff with that NFF haha!

so head on over to her uber fascinating [yes, let's be you're-so-70's with words too, since i am in a retro phase lately] blog and read about it!!! :P such a great read, not only this one particluar post, mind you…most especially if you know me enough and appreciate things that i do appreciate myself. dig deeper way way down, and you’ll be hooked! and while you’re at it, why not go ahead and link her up too!!!:) and to you Bernadette, you should be a writer m’dear!


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the magic bullet. that’s how i know it is called. we received this as a Christmas present from one of my cousins in CT, and it is the Bella Cucina version of the said smoothie maker. it does ‘replaces a food processor, blender, and coffee grinder’ all in this one simple gadget and it is in fact a breeze to operate and ‘can do virtually any job in the kitchen in 10 seconds or less’ as the original bullet claims. this brand does all those too. i’m glad. Marco is glad, beyond glad. he just loves making fruit smoothies and milk shakes, which is good. he even promised to make the kids a glass of vanilla milk shake everyday.


these photos were taken during my cousin’s demo of the said product…on Christmas day. hehe! with all the round fruits that night, it was a hit and it still is in our household! thanks again, ate Vic! i love it as you said i would!:) health-wise, it is a good product because it has lessened Marco’s soda intake since we received it! plus the design fits oh so perfectly with my other kitchen toys!¬† more importantly, i am loving the idea that it saves in cleaning up time too since you can go ahead and drink from the cup itself.


Maybe you can say that I am one very active member of a number of those social networking websites where I get to connect with friends and family from far away. Not one though that is specifically focused on parenting, not until today. Yes! I am so happy to share with you guys that I just registered with Nick’s Parents Connect a few minutes ago and I am really excited about it. I have only browsed a few of the topics and I know for sure I will be hooked especially so because it has so many parenting tips for moms like me and even for you dads out there! Even to those who are expecting parents, they have something for you too!
Check it out and you’ll even find recipes, craft ideas, games and activities and you can even get notified about special events that you don’t want to miss out in and around your city!



First and utmost…Happy 1st Anniversary again to LITRATONG PINOY!!! and here’s to LP’s Madame Butterfly…hehehe! Madame Admin pala, for a job well done [at nagpadami ng uban nya mwahaha!] Isa na po ako dun hehe! sowi po!

I am mega uber positive that most of you found this theme a challenge. Easy as it may seem, if we base it on the theme title…Paboritong larawan [favorite photo]. Sort of a freestyle in effect, right? But nah… it wasn’t the case for me. And we all know the reason why most of us found this a tad difficult…!

So I decided to post a very recent and fabulous discovery…

The Marina Bay…located just around the area of Quincy, Massachusetts. I have been in the city for more than a year now but it was only during the past weekend that we saw this marvelous place.

Maaraw man noong araw na iyon, pero malamig pa rin kaya hindi kami nakatagal sa labas…and we decided to come back again and eat in each and every restaurant by the boardwalk soon.

These 2 photos aren’t exactly a favorite since I have yet to learn the correct settings in shooting seascapes, landscapes and all other naturescapes on a sunny day such as this…in fact, sinadya kong ipakita ang 2 larawan na ito sa inyo na halos magkamukha. pansin nyo? haha!
the reason behind…
isa dito ay walang kadaya daya kundi ang pag-re-resize lamang at watermark…
at ang isa ay na-photoshop ng kaunti:) alin, alin? alam nyo ba kung alin?
And I can’t wait to come back…kasi, kasi! I have a new lens! yay! Gusto kong makita ang kaibahan nitong larawan na ito gamit ang bago kong toytoy!:)
…and wouldn’t it be nice to visit these wonderful vacation spots and be on the road for days with an rv? this is just one of my son’s biggest dreams, ever! it’s free anyway, dreaming that is:]
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