As an attempt to resurrect myself from where I am right now, [will tell you soon where] I have decided to post this as my entry for Lasang Pinoy 22: Rice to the Challenge event hosted by Jmom with her new kitchen over at Cooked from the Heart.

Here is another rice delicacy that we definitely love in the family…BIKO or biku to some. It’s one of the many sweet sticky rice dishes we have in the Philippines.

Among all these delicious rice dishes, BIKO proves to be the one that comes up first in our list, most especially to my daughter Samia. She may have been ‘American-ized’ when it comes to most aspects even her gourmet taste having lived here for almost half of her life now, but it’s amazing to know that our rice cakes, are still dear to her heart…and tummy. That goes for the little boy too! “I want more bee-kow, mom”.
I made this with them by the way, trusting their memories from having done this before with my mom during her last visit. Spoiled sa lola, so she had to make them before she goes back home. And of course, with the help of my recent chat with Sha, I dug into her archives for the exact recipe, just in case.Thanks again, Sha!
In fact, this was a special request from Samia since she had to bring a delicacy ‘from your own country’ in school during their recent Christmas Party. I told her, okay, I’ll make Adobo. LOL! But she wanted BIKO. So I obliged, hitting two birds with one stone, eh? Great!Have a Bountiful and Blessed New Year of blogging and beyond to all of you! And more LP’s to come!!!
This is an entry to LP22:Rice to the Challenge. Thanks Jmom, for hosting!


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  1. JMom says:

    Bee-kow! my girls love this one too and was the first delicacy to meet them when we went to the province last year. They still remember the latik on top of it. And you actually made some! I have been too intimidated to make that on my own. Great one, Ces! and as usual, beautiful photography.


  2. iska says:

    happy new year ces! been really stressed out for weeks kaya nawawala ako sa hulog hehehe but santa has been good to me and gave me a ticket to beijing! bakasyon muna ako for few weeks at ang sumalubong sa akin ay…. tadah!!! biko!

    hmmm i am so curious as to where are you right now…bulong mo naman sa akin…

  3. ut-man says:

    Biko with latik toppings has always been one of my favorite native delicacies, in fact it is regularly cooked back home when-ever there is something to celebrate, someone’s birthday to Christmas and New Year…

  4. Mike says:

    Wow! Looks like there will be a biko overload for this round! Tee hee! Your biko looks yummy, mare! Hmmm . . . Nasaan kaya ang Cecilia? Well, wherever you are – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  5. [...] on how he didn’t know that saffron is used for this dish.   Ces at SpiCes wishes a BIKO-full New Year to all with her rendition of another traditional Filipino dessert made from Rice, which she recently [...]

  6. Burnt Lumpia says:

    Wow! I can’t tell from the picture, but is that an individual serving of Biko?!! I’ve never thought of it before, but I guess you can make individual servings in separate ramekins. Thanks for this entry!

  7. bursky says:

    hahaha… bee-kow! anywho, this is great, actually, for most occasions. we had our biko for christmas, not new year. the bilao didn’t even last 5 hours with the relatives. (yeah, got plenty of hungry relatives and visitors last christmas. :) ) happy new year miss ces!

  8. stef says:

    Naku, between you and Iska…. I’m on a biko-craving-spell now. But please, no BEE-KOW!!!! :D

  9. kate says:

    Hey Ces , firstly wish you a very happy new year.

    Its nice to have flavours stuck to or taste bud from the time we are little. Thats how they always stay with us , no matter where we are , it just feels so comfort and home when we have them. This rice pudding looks very nice. In India we make something similar with cracked wheat and call it Lapsi.

  10. sha says:

    beeee koooow hope u are ok in boston miss chatting with you

  11. Mae says:

    Hi Ces! Ummm… biko! I love this stuff. My grandma used to make this for our afternoon snack… yummy.

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