Ode to the Puto (Steamed Muffin/Rice Cake)

Puto, you rise from flour,
water and fire.
Dense or light, flattened or round,
you duplicate the mother’s
rounded womb, and earth’s
twice-yearly swelling.
How simple you are, puto, and how profound!
You line up on the trays like silverware or plates
or pieces of paper and suddenly
life washes over you,
there’s the joining of seed
and fire,
and you’re growing, growing all at once.
(Original Ode by Pablo Neruda)


They say that accidental cooking sometimes turns ot to be the best cuisines in history. I deliberately make accidents and experiments at home and one of them would be this baked puto. Since I have no access to a steamer, which is used , I baked the puto ala muffin instead.

To know if the puto is cooked, it must be fluffy and bounces back when touched. This treat has the soft consistency of our favorite puto on the inside but a crunchy outside. A perfect snack on a lazy afternoon…

Thanks for the opp Ces and sorry for the delay Foodies.

…and thank you to Gizelle of Kitchenmaus for saving my life today!:) together with my daughter S, i’m down with some pollen allergies since yesterday. Please drop by her own post for the recipe! thanks!

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16 Responses to Lasang Pinoy, Sundays : Fluffy

  1. maver says:


    Ang naaalala ko sa photo na ito ay ang mga classic Dairy Creme TVCs with the famous tagline–”Pinipili ng mapiling Ina” :D

    Mine’s up here:

    Happy Lapis!

  2. raquel says:

    here’s my FLUFFY this week!


    love that puto! and yes, i remember those dairy creme commercials, too. a friend of mine was visiting and we decided to bake pandesal. after it was done and ready to eat, we both thought of…… Dairy Creme! LOL!


  3. Gizelle says:

    Ces, thanks uli, at heto na naman sorry na-late.

    Maver, I remember that too and fitting enough that my kids love this with the butter on top!

    Raquel, I would love to know how to make pan de sal…Will be visiting you both!

  4. Zee says:

    Wow! Puto cheese! ang galing G! hehehe i am salivating! innovative mo talaga! :)

    hehehehe meron pala kaming wifi dito…but I dunno if I can visit back guys…just in case I can’t, i promise to drop by sa blogs nyo when I get home sa wednesday…. :)

    Happy LaPiS!

  5. Zee says:

    eto pala link ko http://www.zdarkroom.info/2009/05/lapis-fluffy hindi lumabas sa commentluv yung linky ko…

  6. oggi says:

    Yay, I’m early this week. Here’s mine


    Hay puto, they look so soft and fluffy.:D

    oggi’s last blog post..LaPiS: Fluffy Egg-White Omelet

  7. [...] Lasang Pinoy, Sundays. Fluffy. [...]

  8. iska says:

    I had an accident making this, too. Not deliberate though hahaha! I have yet to succeed…
    Those puto look yummy!

    iska’s last blog post..Fluffy, Frothy Champorado

  9. Ladynred says:

    Your photo looks fluffy and yummy!

  10. miriam says:

    wow, baked puto! very inventive! will surely try this. and ces, get well soon.

    please find mine:


  11. Midge says:

    I agree with maver: your puto belong in an old-school DariCreme ad – seriously yummy-looking.

    Hope you get over your pollen allergy soon.

    Midge’s last blog post..Oat Flour: Adding a Healthy, Nutty Spin to Foccacia

  12. the first time i cooked puto is when i used a puto flour mix. we dont have a muffin pan or cup thus we used the pan for leche flan (llanera) and our puto is seved as loaf =))

    opps sorry im late, im off to La Union last Weekend and kararating ko lang now
    opps sorry im late. serving my Lasang Pinoy here

    Jay – Agent112778′s last blog post..La.Pi.S # 49 : Fluffy

  13. Pinky says:

    Totally agree with Maver and Midge – your photos bring back memories of the Dari-Creme ad of my childhood – yum! :)

    And the Ode to the Puto – that was indeed a revelation! Never knew Neruda wrote something like this… thanks for sharing!

    Pinky’s last blog post..LaPiS: Fluffy

  14. maiylah says:

    naku, tagal ko na walang LaPiS post!
    will remedy that soon!!!!

    maiylah’s last blog post..Lasang Pinoy, Sundays: Saucy

  15. ceski! i’m a week late for theme Fluffy! so sorry. weekends have been terribly busy lately. pero humabol pa rin ako. :D i’m now working on theme pearly shells. hee hee. *mwah*

    Gzel, those are lovely fluffy puto! i’ve also recently made puto experiments. :D

  16. Why are those things called puto ? Wasn’t the Phillipines a Spanish territory and does the word puto mean something negative ? Just curios.

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