…this one’s for Ayen! i posted last night on my Facebook status that i was eating these together with pistachio nuts…and yup! my guess was more or less accurate. not such a good combination after all! it’s not that bad, but better beware if you have sensitive tummies! hehe! one go was all it took for me though. :)


So this is how Longans look like Ayen:)
it is somehow hard to find here in the country but i would assume that any Asian store will have this when in season. that’s where i got them:) must be a cousin of sorts, this sweet, succulent almost lychee-tasting fruit brings back memories.. that of my mom, more importantly. we both loved this and we first had a taste of it together during that special trip, when she gifted me with my very first airplane ride to nearby Hongkong. :)

and now it’s my daughter Samantha who shares this love love love for snacking on ‘em!:)


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  1. Phisch says:

    Wow! They look almost like lychees, the insides do anyway.

    Phisch’s last blog post..Beef & Mushrooms Over Noodles

  2. ayen says:

    oooh. yumnm! that looks good! thanks for the info Ces! Will have to be on the lookout for them. :)

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