this is my very first entry for Photo Friday and today’s theme is all about ‘difficult shot’. this strawberry and nutella crepe photo is from my recent archives and I must say that this is quite a not-so-easy snapshot for me. imagine, forking the ‘perfect bite’ [if you're like me, i almost always make this one perfect bite when i eat, not just the first, the last, but in every bite!], holding up that crepe on the fork with one hand, setting up the camera on the other and taking the perfect shot! quite arduous and it takes a little bit more effort than the usual food photo op that i do. well this is not exactly as perfect as a shot should be but it is definitely the perfect bite!

this one is the bigger picture! yummy-ness!

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2 Responses to photo friday: difficult shot…just one bite

  1. christine says:

    makes me crave for a mango crepe! :)

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  2. ces says:

    oh yeah…me too! if only i can find philippine mangoes here!

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